PR1 - Framework design for effective and inclusive Digital and Remote Education

The project aims to develop a framework of SuperRED relevant to the needs of the school teachers and students across Europe on the themes of digital and remote education, learning design and SRL. The creation of this framework will allow the monitoring, evaluation and further development of teachers and student’s competences on the project’s themes. As reported previously, the lack of competence in learning design for digital context and in supporting student’s motivation and self-regulated learning at a distance were the main hurdles faced by teachers during the lockdown for Covid emergency. Furthermore, students need to gain more autonomy in learning in order to avoid learning loss during the lockdown period. Thus, it is necessary to create a framework able to draw the set of competences needed from teachers and students to face the remote/blended teaching and learning, but more in general to handle the design and learning processes in different situations.

This output will be innovative because there is currently no already available framework for the competences needed for remote/blended teaching and learning, and for the support of student’s autonomy and motivation in remote or blended learning. The lack of such a framework and, therefore, its innovative nature, is also due to the fact that until now online learning has been associated mainly with adult education and professional development rather than school. The school closure imposed the adoption of digital learning without appropriate models and references. The need for a more systematic approach requires to move beyond improvisation and take the opportunity to elaborate a conceptual tool useful not only for the emergency situations but also for the daily teacher’s and student’s practices. 

It is expected that the framework will become a reference tool for the development and strategic planning of teachers’ and student’s competences at national and EU level.  The framework will be created in collaboration with teachers and students from a range of schools across EU countries. The framework will be spread  internationally thanks to partner’s existing networks and to the  creation of new ones during the project life. Additionally, the framework will be free to use, modify and adapt to suit other schools’ and organisations’ specific needs. Furthermore, this first project result will inform the design and content of the two subsequent project results. Drawing on this framework, the tool for codesign and the app for SRL will be created in order to support teachers in efficiently designing and managing remote/blended learning. 

If you’re a partner of the project you can find the final version of the Framework here