Project Result 2 (PR2) in the SuperRED project is constituted by a digital game called SRL-4Ts Game. It is a tool for teachers’ professional development, aiming at supporting teachers in the design of innovative and ICT-based learning activities oriented to collaboration and Self-Regulated Learning (SRL).

The 4Ts core module (4Ts game®) supports teachers in conceptualizing the design of a collaborative learning activity. In this module of the game, groups of teachers collaborate and engage in a decision process that starts with the identification of the goals, context, and learning contents of the activity. During the game session, through an iterative process, teachers identify the Tasks to be assigned to students, the composition of the Teams, the Timing of activities, and the Technology to be used (these are the four components of the 4Ts model of learning design; see next section). 

The game provides feedback about the choices taken by the designers, and can be asked for suggestions or recommendations. Additionally, the design process may be scaffolded by the use of techniques or ‘patterns’ (e.g., the ‘Jigsaw’) that are content-independent and that suggest specific combinations of Task, Team, Time, and Technology. The end result of a game session using the 4Ts core module is the macro-design of a learning activity that considers the interplay of these aspects.

Moreover, a User guide for the game is also provided (see Appendix 1) and some lecture notes for teachers on SRL (see Appendix 2).