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About SuperRED


Our story starts way back, with the submission of a European project...

SuperRED aims at increasing the overall quality of the education system, while offering methodologies and tools effectively adaptable to local contexts where the knowledge is co-designed through the stimulation of reflective practices.
SuperRED will aim to: increase student’s levels of autonomy in the management of learning processes through innovative digital tools to improve motivation and involvement, and to preserve the inclusive nature of learning opportunities; provide an educational training for teachers on the themes of effective remote teaching/blended learning, in order to develop
digital competences on learning design and to ensure high quality inclusive digital education, thus empowering teachers to face new emergencies to be achieved through a serious-game-based approach. These objectives will contribute to increasing the digital readiness of the learning ecosystem to manage an effective shift towards digital education, and fostering teachers’ and students’ resilience to tackle unplanned events.

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