Project Result 5 (PR5) in the SuperRED project is to make a toolkit for design and implementation of high-quality digital and distance learning with a library of best-practices tested and validated in pilot schools

The JRC Report highlights factors affecting school digital infrastructures and teachers’ digital competence within the Digital Education Action Plan 21-27. Stress symptoms from physical closure and management challenges, learning inequalities due to parental support issues, and limited digital resources at home are key concerns. Particularly, 15-year-old students in Italy and Spain lack access to computers for studying compared to EU peers. Effective digital learning strategies require prepared school leaders and expert teachers to address crises and facilitate transitions to hybrid models. 

This toolkit will contribute to research on lifelong learning ecologies, emphasizing learning in formal, non-formal, and informal contexts to enhance self-regulated learning (SRL). PR2 focuses on teachers’ professional development in SRL and formal learning design. Both PR2 and PR3 aim to create conducive social and technological ecosystems for learning. The toolkit will develop tools to evaluate school ecosystems and promote SRL awareness, including adopting the SELFIE tool, creating learner awareness questionnaires, and building a toolkit for newcomers. This initiative aims to enhance digital education quality and inclusivity, with potential impact through open educational resources (OERs) and wider dissemination.

SuperRED Toolkit